I Am:

· I am Serdar to some, Kaya to others
· I am Kay in Starbucks
· I am in my forties
· I am a social scientist, traveler, and stock photographer

I am interested in:

· stories of travelers, migrants, expats, digital nomads, and people from all walks of life
· social media, show business, film industry
· AI, the digital future

I like:

· colorful people (e.g., David Choe, Jamie Lee Curtis, The Amazing Randi)
· rationality and intelligence with wit (e.g., Monty Python, Emily Yoffe)
· devotion to something beautiful and finding peace in it (e.g., Jane Goodall, Rick Rubin)
· BC's draft dodgers from the U.S.
· Hip-hop, rock music

I study:

· roots of group dynamics in human societies
· group identity, tribalism, cults, apes
· group psychology, group perceptions, intergroup relations
· social hierarchies, social roles, socialization processes
· narratives, norms, taboos, rituals, symbols

I enjoy films, documentaries, and trivia on:

· American civil rights movement of the fifties
· the counterculture of the sixties
· San Francisco in the seventies
· hip-hop history


· I am Canadian -- and perhaps more Vancouverite than Canadian
· I was born in Turkey to Georgian parents
· Besides Turkey and Canada, I lived in the United States and Australia
· In the U.S., I completed degrees in Finance, and International Relations
· In Canada, I completed a doctoral program in Political Science
· In Australia, I worked at a university as a research fellow
· Since my 20s, I've used every opportunity to travel far and wide
· The Pacific Northwest is my home -- but I love the entire West Coast
· I adore cultures, and consider myself a world citizen
· I vote, but I am not partisan
· I don't identify as anything but cosmopolitan
Last Updated: Fall 2021