If I am on social media, I am probably on Instagram or YouTube. The below is a summary of the people whose works I appreciate.


I use Instagram primarily as a window to the planet. I follow primarily:
· world travellers who go where few tourists go (e.g. @DrewBinsky @WanderReds @LostWithPurpose)
· accounts that broadcast from a single region (e.g. @ThailandBuzz @VietnamTravelers @itsYourJapan)
· local photographers (e.g. @nocchi_24 in Japan, @lindaberlin in Germany)
· cities I love (e.g. @Vancouver @theStrangerSeattle @VegasIssues @DiscoverLA @SanFranciscoWorld)
· city histories (@vintage_las_vegas @vegasinthe90s @losangeles.history)
· accounts from Georgia, where my ancestors are from (e.g. @Visit__Georgia @GeorgiaTravel)

Musicians from the eighties and nineties, their updates on new releases, tours, backstage footage:
· bands (e.g. @NewModelArmy @AliceInChains)
· guitar players (e.g. @DaveMustaine @Gilewitz @misterAdrianSmith)
· musicians who have a positive presence on social media (e.g. @AlexSkolnick in NYC, @NikkiSixxPixx in LA)

Accounts from Germany:
· Deutschrap artists (e.g. @bush1do @EkoFreezy @fler @shawnstein)
· other Deutschrap-related accounts (e.g. @streamingfakten.deutschrap)
· some non-rap talents from Germany (e.g. @fatih_bombero @toykio @SibelKekilli)

Show business and performing arts:
· shows and show business (@cirquedusoleil @spiegelworld @absinthe_vegas)
· local venues (@firehallartscentre @thecultch thebeaumontstudios @theartsclub)
· performance artists (@airoticlv @ajonestru @icantdigestmilk)

· Canadian personalities (@MarcScottEmery @SethRogen)
· interesting Vancouverites (@GWNVC @JodieEmery @corinne_riotheatre)
· interesting celebrities (@DavidChoe @EmmaWatson @Madonna @Schwarzennegger)
· other interesting people (@immortalzoddo @slaywhore @stoner_dottie)


My Twitter timeline reads like the feed of a daily newspaper that usually covers:
· comedy: @DougStanhope @JohnCleese @PennJillette @StephenFry @RickyGervais
· science: @NeilTyson @LKrauss1 @SciAm
· tech: @RobotAndAIWorld @MacRumors
· current leaders of Canadian political parties
· news from Germany: @DWnews

And sometimes it is a bit academic:
· social data: @MaxCRoser @ConradHackett
· nerdy stuff: @rlMcElreath @PhilosophyMttrs

Debates I am interested in include:
· human mind and cognition: @DanielDennett @SamHarrisOrg @saPinker
· politics and religion: @Charlie_Hebdo_ @PewReligion @RichardDawkins @RobertWrighter
· civil liberties, human rights: @ACLU @IrwinCotler @StefanIhrig

· film industry: @MileneLarsson @MorganSpurlock @TGatlif @Rodriguez
· canadian film industry: @AubreyNealon @MinSookLee @TheNFB
· smart people: @ringo_ring @Snowden (RIP @AaronSw)
· outspoken people: @GeneSimmons @StephenKing (RIP @officialMcAfee)
· interesting characters: @EmilyYoffe @TommyChong


YouTube is like my evening television.

VICE, Vox and AJ+ cover a number of key social and political issues. VICE features a variety of other channels on its network. I follow only VICE News in addition to the main broadcast.

Vox has a way of making almost any video interesting. Even when the topic is not of much interest to me, I sometimes give it a chance only because Vox posted it! 👍 Finally, AJ+ has a larger coverage of the developing world.

Then come somewhat nerdy but entertaining channels such as PBS's Be Smart or Kurzgesagt. vlogbrothers by Hank and John Green may also be all right, depending on the topic; I like the format, and the dynamic between the two brothers.

YouTube is probably the best place to keep up-to-date on technological developments in video production and filmmaking gear. Many in this sphere are Canadian: Chris Brockhurst, Dunna Did It, Gerald Undone 🙏 , Lee Zavitz, Mark Bone, Matti Haapoja, Peter McKinnon, and so on... But there are interesting people elsewhere: Benett Graezer, Dan Mace, Peter Lindgren, Sidney Diongzon...

It's always interesting to see what people do
- in very different sectors of the film industry (Film Riot, WhoIsMatt)
- in very different kinds of jobs (This Guy Edits, The Film Look)
- or personal projects (Free To Use Sounds, Sixty Second Film School)
- sometimes with a particular kind of gear, like vintage lenses (Mark Holtze, Zenography)

For entertainment, I sometimes turn to is an interesting channel to turn to Dope As Yola. (Sample video: Tommy Chong)

Among world travellers on Instagram, I follow only Drew Binsky on YouTube.

Finally, I follow several Turkish YouTubers. Şafak Salda interviews Turkish labour migrants or their descendants in Berlin to explore their migration experiences, which often extends across two or three generations. Almancii, born and raised in Germany, covers the stories of German and Turkish rappers, and evaluates their recent releases. Independent news outlets such as SLOT, and 140journos offer valuable content on Turkish society. And some broadcast self-styled comedy: Kukla Kabare, Röportaj Adam.


I spend relatively less time on Reddit. I launch the app primarily for one of the following subreddits: r/Vancouver r/Science

Last Updated: Fall 2021