[2] Kaya, Serdar. 2017. Freedom of Expression versus Religious Sensitivities: Charlie Hebdo and Muhammad Cartoons [İfade Özgürlüğü ve Dini Hassasiyetler: Charlie Hebdo ve Hz. Muhammed Karikatürleri]. Istanbul: Liber Plus. pp. 190. (ISBN-10: 605-83324-7-8, ISBN-13: 978-605-83324-7-8) [türkçe]

Short abstract:
The book discusses the arguments for and against the freedom of expression vis-à-vis religious sensitivities in the context of multiculturalism and Islam-West relations. It focuses primarily on the Danish cartoons crisis (2005) and the Charlie Hebdo shooting (2015). After reviewing these two cases, it analyzes the content of the involved Muhammad cartoons, and questions whether their publication constitutes hate speech.

[1] Kaya, Serdar. 2010. Indoctrination; and Social Engineering in Turkey [Endoktrinasyon ve Türkiye’de Toplum Mühendisliği.]. Ankara: Nirengi. pp. 236. (ISBN-10: 605-5515-00-8, ISBN-13: 978-605-5515-00-3) [türkçe]

Short abstract:
The book examines the characteristics of Turkish national identity and its influence on intergroup relations in the country. It starts off with a review of major social psychology experiments, such as (1) the Milgram experiment, (2) the Stanford Prison Experiment, (3) the Asch experiment, and (4) Jane Elliott's blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise. Drawing insights from these experiments, the book explains the ways in which the Turkish state politically socializes its citizens along the lines of its official ideology, which excludes those who refuse to assimilate into the Turkish identity, and justifies past and contemporary atrocities against them.

Book Chapters

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